Seimens K2155 Selective Level Meter

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What it is ...

I was recently given a more modern Selective Level Meter, with a tracking generator built in. It has a narrower crystal filter (20Hz) than the D2006 and a digital frequency readout - so it is hopefully, more stable.

For those not familiar with this type of equipment, the instrument is a bit like a manual spectrum analyser. It is a calibrated radio receiver, which can tune, in this case, 200Hz to 620kHz. It has a signal generator which exactly tracks the frequency to which the receiver is tuned. As a bench instrument, this makes it useful for measuring frequency responce of amplifiers, and filters, but it can also serve as a receiver, and a frequency source for a transmitter. ... I hope so, anyway !

It had some very large, very dead NiCds, which didn't want to take a charge, so those have been disposed of (as WEEE). The generator seems to be doing something, but I haven't had anything sensible out of the receiver yet.

Tracking Generator Close up of the Tracking generator Front panel

Receiver, RHS Receiver, LHS
A couple of close-ups of the front panel of the Receiver section. I have the manual for the instrument, but it only has a block diagram and basic maintenance and operating instructions.

The K2155 is also known as P.O. Measuring Set No. 55A/5UK/1

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