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    May 2018

o  Entwistle PBXN Pickups - Precision Bass Pickup Rep...

o  Measuring magnets with a hall effect probe

o  Building a Helmholtz Coil

    April 2018

o  Hohner Arbor Series Bass Guitar Circuit

    March 2018

o  Lecture on Guitar Pickups


o  Duratool D03122 Autoranging Digital Multimeter



    August 2017

o  Replacing the Under Saddle Pickup on an Electroaco...

    June 2017

o  Another Whistle

o  Low-Tech Whistle

o  Lidl's Vice

o  Oh bother ...

    May 2017

o  TYT MD380 Hands Free Kit - in use

o  Hands-free kit for TYT MD380

o  Ermine Moth

o  Bass Pedalboard Microswitches

o  Emergency Light Power Consumption

    January 2017

o  Bass Pedalboard



    July 2016

o  Snubbing the Nordfrost Freezer

    June 2016

o  Simulating the FIlter in the Microphone

o  Microphone and Speaker Connections for TYT MD380

    May 2016

o  DX TV signals from Poland

o  External Speakers on FT847

o  Headset adaptor for FT847

o  Wider transmit range on FT847

    April 2016

o  ISS SSTV, Second Pass

o  Slow Scan Television from the International Space ...

    March 2016

o  Anatomy of a Trifle

o  Windows Vista Automatic Update Problems

o  Fitting a Samsung 850 EVO 250Gb SSD to the Inspiro...

o  Upgrading the Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop Computer

    February 2016

o  GB8WW

o  Tim Peake ARISS Contact

o  Making Plastic Objects at Home



    December 2015

o  Replacing the LCD module on a Yamaha DX11 Synthesi...

o  Apparatus for the Testing of Christmas Tree Light ...

    August 2015

o  I am the proud possessor of a Tesco Hudl (Mark 1)....

    July 2015

o  0603 Resistor Codes

o  Fully Licensed Wireless Receiving Station

o  Crystal Set

o  Adding a Thermionic Valve to your Crystal Set

o  Choosing the right sort of wire

o  Extending the tuning range of a radio receiver.

o  Rejuvenating your crystals

    June 2015

o  Potato Polarity Test

o  Fitting the SPF Amplifier in the 23cms BiQuad ante...

o  DXTV via Sporadic E on 50MHz

o  GB1HA - Museums On The Air at Headcorn Airfield

o  Some old radio and electronics books contain beaut...

o  Four Meters open to Malta

o  Day out at Dungeness

o  Happy Hour on Six Meters

o  Back to the ATV

o  Trimmer Capacitors

o  SERFing at Eastbourne

o  Cycle to work and back, plus a bit extra

o  Hmmm... soldering is a bit blobby, but all the bit...

o  Here's a photo of the old Minicircuits MAR-6 ampli...

o  Today the SPF Amplifier kit arrived from Sam Jewel...

o  Fast ride home

o  So this area is to get a new 23cms ATV repeater.  ...


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